To access the Timekeeping Service Center: 

Go to MyUP, click "Crew" on the left side of page, then click on "TK Service Center", this will open a new tab. On the top of the new tab, "Click here to open new ticket". This will take you to a blank H.E.A.T. ticket. Your personal info will already be filled in, make the appropriate comments in the comments section, you will need the original claim date and timeslip/claim #,then make sure to "COPY LOCAL CHAIRMAN". If you do not, then your LC will never know you submitted the claim to begin with and it will never get paid. After you have submitted a H.E.A.T. ticket you can check back and see what response the timekeepers have made regarding your claim.

Once your HEAT ticket has been addressed there are 2 options.

1. they paid the claim and that's it.

2. They denied the claim again, now you need to get the original claim and any supporting documentation to your LC for additional handling as described below.

Your LC will also receive a copy (if you followed the above instructions) and can also review timekeeper’s remarks and reopen your H.E.A.T. ticket with addition comments. Following these steps in a timely manner is very important. You have 90 days to submit a claim, your LC has 90 days to process your denied claim, Labor Relations has 90 days to pay/decline your claim and then it goes to the General Committee for arbitration. It’s a lengthy process but when claims get paid, don’t be left out because you didn’t submit any.