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    CALL TIMES.     

                                                              OAKLAND YARD BUMP RULES

You have a live bump only under the following circumstances:

1) when you can no longer hold the yard.

2) when your regular assignment is abolished.

3) when your regular assignment’s conditions of work change (changes to start time, off days, or on- duty location).

Under the aforementioned conditions you are allowed to exercise your seniority to any location and craft. 

Unless one of the above mentioned things has happened, your bump is considered a restricted yard bump/seniority move and it is restricted as outlined below.

If you can still hold the yard and are displaced then you have a restricted yard bump.

Under these circumstances this restricted yard bump can only be exercised within the Oakland Yard.

1) If you are displaced from your regular assignment by a senior employee.

2) If you are cut from the extra board.

                                                                                    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

 A job must work 1 shift off the extra board before it is available for markup. This applies to new jobs, as well as to positions that become available after being vacated by a regular assigned employee. (Exception: if you have a restricted yard bump, you can immediately go to an unassigned position before it has worked from the extra board. Example: A and B hold regular jobs. If A bumps B, then B can immediately go to the position vacated by A, even though it has not worked from the extra board). 

Regular assignments are awarded on a seniority basis 2 1/2 hours prior to their on duty time.

After a job has worked 1 shift off the extra board, it is available for bid. If nobody claims a job when it first becomes biddable, it is biddable on following days in exactly the same way. (Note: CMS or the bid clerk will sometimes assign people to jobs before bidding is closed. Unless the successful bidder has a restricted yard bump, all vacant jobs should remain unassigned until 2 1/2 hours before the job start time. If you are denied a bid because a junior employee was assigned before you have had a chance to ask for a job, claim the earnings of the assignment and call the SMART-TD local chairman).

You must work a job for a minimum of 1 shift. After that, you can mark up on another assignment, vacate the job for the extra board, or make a seniority move. (For now, there is no minimum hold-down requirement in Oakland yard, although other yards have them. When a Hub-wide standard yard agreement is formalized, there will probably be a hold-down requirement.)

When you are bumped, you have 48 hours from the time of notification to make a seniority move. READ THE BUMP INFO ABOVE TO DETERMINE THE TYPE OF BUMP YOU HAVE. After 48 hours, you have no bumping rights to regular assignments. But you can go to the extra board or to a vacant regular position by application.)

Restrictions: You must remain in a craft (yard or road) for 60 days. The only exception to this rule is if you have no seniority options in that craft. You also must remain in a yard for 60 days before transferring to another yard, unless you have no local yard seniority options. (Look for this rule to change when yard agreements are standardized.)

                                                                                                  EXTRA BOARD

Once you are on the Oakland switchmen’s extra board, you must remain there 10 days before you can bump to a regular assignment. However, you can mark up on a biddable vacancy if you have been on the extra board for 24 hours OR have worked one shift off the extra board.

                                                                                YARD VACATION HOLD DOWNS

 Only a solid week vacation is available for a vacation hold-down. Only employees currently holding seniority in the yard can take a vacation hold down. You cannot give up the hold down until the regular employee returns, OR you are displaced from the hold-down by a senior employee, OR you take another hold-down.

                                                           “EA” VS THE CRTB AGREEMENT

As far as SMART-TD is concerned, there is no such thing as “evading assignment”. When a yard employee with a restricted yard bump cannot or does not exercise seniority within 48 hours, one of 2 things should happen. 1) If he/she has sufficient seniority for the extra board, he/she should be placed there. 2) If he/she cannot hold the extra board, he should be placed on the Cut Board or CR Board at Oakland. You are not required to chase your seniority around the Roseville Hub, although you are free to do so.

* please note that this information is subject to change due to new General Committee interpretations, arbitration awards, etc.

Please contact your representative with any questions.